Thursday, August 10, 2006


This page serves as an index for the site.


Basic Composition and the Rule of Thirds
Light and Shadow
Illusions and Reflections
Patterns and Textures
Less Is More
Putting It in Perspective
Leading Lines
Still Life
Do Something Different
A Challenge: Shoot Out the Window

Proper Exposure: Film Speed, Aperture, and Shutter Speed
Basic Lens Types
Digital "Zoom"
Light: Quality and Quantity
Image Stabilization
Advanced Composition and the Golden Ratio
History of Photography:Niépce to Eastman
Camera Types and Parallax Error

Quick Tips
Reverse Tunnel Vision
Color or Black and White?
Don't Be a Wuss
Always Take Your Camera
Add Drama by Cropping
Winter Photography
Christmas Pictures

How-To and Photoshop
I Hate Hue (color to black and white conversion)
Shedding Light on Dark Images
Floating in Space
Light Trails
Split Toning
More on Toning
Make Redscale Film
Use Blend Modes for Effect

Know Your Rights as a Photographer
Taking Pictures Is Only Half the Battle
No Excuses! (The Worst Mistake You Can Make)
Useful Flickr Groups
When You're Ready to Sell Your Work

Contributed by Readers
Falling Down, Skinning Knees, and Getting Dirty

Henri Cartier-Bresson (on camera angles)
David Plowden (on "The Flatlands")
David Bailey (photographers versus painters)
Alan Bennett (photojournalists versus journalistic writers)
Diane Arbus (on happy accidents in photography)
Paul Caponigro ("attain[ing] a 'state of heart'")
Rineke Dijkstra (on enlarging and emphasizing a moment)
Anonymous (a good joke . . . or is it?)
David Plowden (on inspiration and motivation)
Jonathan Bailey (a photograph's independence from what it records)
Different Viewpoints (do you take a photograph, borrow it, or make it?)
Alfred Stieglitz (on the labels "amateur" and "professional")
Opposing Viewpoints (Is what you do after you click the shutter important?)