Monday, July 02, 2007

A Challenge: Shoot Out the Window

An interesting challenge that you can try is to shoot out the window of a moving vehicle. Preferably, you should be in the passenger's seat of course, but I wouldn't say I've never taken a picture while driving myself.

To get anything worthwhile at all, you'll need to have your window rolled down. It will also need to be pretty bright out, so you may have to sacrifice light quality to do this. But if you have a steady hand, a smooth road, and you zoom in a bit (the stuff further away is less likely to blur), you can still do this with good light. Like in this picture:

Fields West of Seward, Nebraska

A few things to consider when doing this:
- You know how I've said that photography is 50% skill, 25% dedication, and 25% luck? Well, when you're doing this the dedication and luck take the forefront. But that's not to say there's no skill involved. You need to anticipate. And you need to be able to not hesitate as soon as you see the scene you want in your viewfinder.
- Watch out for telephone poles and lines, and watch out for signs. Simply zooming in can usually get rid of the telephone line problem.
- The scenery closest to you will blur, so think of it like depth of field.
- You may want to try looking to the left side of the road on your way to your destination, and think about which pictures you want to take. Then, on your way back, do the shooting.
- There is a Flickr group dedicated to this. Check it out!


At 2/12/2008 6:43 PM, Blogger Fadil said...

i was happy with this one, we weren't going real fast but fast enough that she didn't have time to look surprised before the shot was taken and the photographer gone, i'd say about 25 mph.


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